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Case of the week 64  ( Julyy 2012 )
Limitation of elevation of one eye

The mother of this 6 years old girl complains of the dropped eyelid of the Lt eye of her daughter , she also noted that this lid shows abnormal movements during eating. The mother introduced an operative report dated 1 year ago stated : Lt levator resection , the mother said that these abnormal eye movements increase after the surgery

 See video of this patient

In a case like this the ophthalmologist should be aware of different causes of limitation of elevation of one eye ( The above slide contains these causes )

and should be able to differentiate between restrictive causes from other causes . Mechanical causes that interfere with elevaion of the eye must be excluded. In spite of absence of history of previous orbital surgery or orbital trauma which may exclude restrictive causes , forced ductions must be done to rule out this . 

This patient is still under work up for differentiation among these causes