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Strabismus: A decision making apprproach: 2. Diagnostic and Treatment

2.01 Amblyopia: Diagnosis and Classification Watch
2.02 Strabismic Amblyopia: Treatment Watch
2.03 Anisometropic Amblyopia: Treatment Watch
2.04 Essential Infantile Esotropia: Diagnostic Evaluation Watch
2.05 Essential Infantile Esotropia: Treatment Watch
2.06 Acquired Esotropia Watch
2.07 Refractive Accommodative Esotropia: Etiology & Treatment Watch
2.08 Convergence Excess Type Esotropia Watch
2.09 Consecutive Esotropia Watch
2.10 Acute Esotropia Watch
2.11 Microtropia and Subnormal Binocular Vision Watch
2.12 Exodeviations: Treatment Watch
2.13 Consecutive Exotropia Watch
2.14 Paralytic Cyclovertical Strabismus: Right Hypertropia Watch
2.15 Paralytic Cyclovertical Strabismus: Left Hypertropia Watch
2.16 Dissociated Deviations Watch
2.17 Upshoot in Adduction: Right Eye Watch
2.18 Upshoot in Adduction: Left Eye Watch
2.19 Downshoot in Adduction: Right Eye Watch
2.20 Downshoot in Adduction: Left Eye Watch
2.21 Cyclotropia: Diagnosis Watch
2.22 Cyclotropia: Treatment Watch
2.23 A Pattern Strabismus: Treatment Watch
2.24 V Pattern Strabismus: Treatment Watch
2.25 Limitation of Elevation of One Eye Watch
2.26 Limited Depression of One Eye Watch
2.27 Limitation of Abduction Watch
2.28 Limitation of Adduction Watch
2.29 Limitation of Vertical Gaze of Both Eyes Watch
2.30 Acquired Vertical Deviation With Diplopia Watch
2.31 Generalized Limitation of Ocular Motility of Both Eyes Watch
2.32 Painful Ophthalmoplegia Watch
2.33 Compensation Strategies in Manifest Congenital Nystagmus Watch
2.34 Compensation Strategies of Manifest-Latent Nystagmus Watch
2.35 Treatment of Nystagmus Watch
2.36 Complete Third Nerve Palsy Watch
2.37 Superior Rectus Muscle Paralysis Watch
2.38 Inferior Rectus Muscle Paralysis Watch
2.39 Medial Rectus Muscle Paralysis Watch
2.40 Inferior Oblique Muscle Paralysis Watch
2.41 Fourth Nerve Paralysis: Classification Watch
2.42 Superior Oblique Muscle Paralysis: Diagnosis Watch
2.43 Superior Oblique Muscle Paralysis: Treatment Watch
2.44 Congenital Absence of Superior Oblique Tendon Watch
2.45 Sixth Nerve Paralysis: Diagnosis Watch
2.46 Sixth Nerve Paralysis: Treatment Watch
2.47 Divergence Insufficiency Versus Bilateral Abducens Paresis Watch
2.48 Convergence Insufficiency Watch
2.49 When to Use Prisms Watch
2.50 Duane Syndrome Type I Watch
2.51 Duane Syndrome Type II Watch
2.52 Duane Syndrome Type III Watch
2.53 Brown Syndrome Watch
2.54 Orbital Floor Fracture Watch
2.55 Endocrine Myopathy Watch
2.56 Myasthenia Gravis Watch
2.57 Child With Reading Problems Watch
2.58 Muscle Reattachment Techniques Watch
2.59 Advantages of General Versus Local Anesthesia Watch

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