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Strabismus Videos

Surgical Procedures

Medial Rectus Muscle Surgery
Medial rectus Recession
Medial rectus recession HANG-BACK TECHNIQUE

Bloodless recession of medial rectus muscle

 Medial rectus recession and faden

A new faden technique

Medial Rectus Resection

Injection of botox in the medial Rectus

Medial Rectus Resection With 1/2 Muscle Width Up Shift

MR recession with buried muscle and conj slipknot sutures

Lateral Rectus Muscle Surgery

Lateral Rectus Recession Fornix Appoach

 Lateral Rectus Resection - Limbal Approach

Lateral Rectus Resection - Fornix Approach

Lateral Rectus Resection

Lateral Rectus Recession with ciliary sparing

LR resection continuous suture

Botox lateral rectus

Lateral Rectus Recession adjustable Suture 1
Lateral Rectus Recession adjustable Suture 2

Recession of a resected lateral rectus

Superior Rectus Muscle Surgery

Recession of superior rectus muscle 1

Recession of superior rectus muscle2

Recession of superior rectus muscle 3

Inferior Rectus Muscle Surgery
Inferior rectus recession
Inferior Rectus Plication
Disinsertion of the Inferior Rectus

Inferior Rectus Recession with lid retracors plication

Superior Oblique Muscle Surgery
Superior Oblique Tuck1
Superior oblique tuck 2
Harada Ito fells Modification
Superior oblique split lengthening
Superior Oblique Tenotomy Procedure

Inferior Oblique Muscle Surgery
Inferior Oblique Myectomy2
Inferior Oblique nasal myectomy
Inferior Oblique Recession1
Inferior Oblique Recession 2

IInferior oblique anteriorization 1

IInferior oblique anteriorization 2


Transposition of superior and inferior rectus to lateral rectus

L.R transposition to M.R in congenital fibrosis syndrome

Adjustable knapp Procedure

Small Incision Strabismus Surgery
Repair of Orbital Floor Fracture

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